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3. Code of Conduct (CoC)#

All Administrative Body (AB) members are required to adhere to a reasonable Code of Conduct (CoC) by treating each other fairly and with respect.

Disagreements between the AB members are expected and even welcomed to help understand various positions on different matters impacting the network or its sponsors. Objections to a motion (with or without formal RFD or CFV) are expected to be substantiated for others to understand a given position and fairly respond.

The AB consists of many people from different backgrounds. Sometimes simple language barriers can even cause issues between members. It is, however, expected that the AB consists of rational and reasonable individuals who can set aside differences to work together toward a common goal of providing a stable IRC service that continues to prosper alongside the newer chat mediums of today.

All AB members are expected to:

  • be friendly and patient
  • be welcoming
  • be considerate
  • be respectful
  • be careful in the words that you choose and be kind to others
  • attempt to understand the positions of others

Excessive or continued poor behavior toward other members has in the past resulted in lost and disinterested members and therefore will not be tolerated.

Poor behaviour includes a pattern of the below toward AB members or their teams:

  • derogatory remarks
  • excessive foul language
  • threats or blackmail

Furthermore, a blatant unwillingness to work well alongside the general AB by avoiding reasonable requests or attacking others to deflect focus on themselves when politely questioned is also deemed poor behaviour.

The Administrative Oversight Board (AOB) is tasked with addressing poor behaviour among AB members, at their discretion but guided by the above. Issues can be presented for review to the AOB by AB members if they deem appropriate. A majority of the AOB may decide upon one of these responses:

  • no action necessary
  • polite requests for improvement and/or reminding the individuals of expected behaviour
  • temporary suspension of an AB member's privileges (voting or otherwise) -- up to 6 months
  • permanent removal of an AB member, positions held, and/or their server(s) -- including without prior suspension in extreme cases.

Decisions made by the AOB will be notified to the AB via email to the Undernet Admins mailing list with an explanation and details of said decision.