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5. Network Services#

Undernet is supported by multiple network services to provide helpful functionality to users, operators, and administrators. These services are primarily (although not necessarily exclusively) provided as GNUWorld P10 service modules, with code maintained or trusted by the Undernet Coder Committee.

Changes to services (incl. newlinks or delinks) and their functionality may be motioned through normal CFV processes requiring a simple majority.

Network Services and specific policies relating to each are documented externally in services.md

5.1 channels.undernet.org#

Providing channel and user identity support (incl. client host hiding via user mode +x).

5.2 chanfix.undernet.org#

Chanfix service, providing protection for unregistered channels by scoring clients based on the history of being opped in a channel.

5.3 dronescan.undernet.org#

Client scanning service responsible for the identification and removal of abusive clients

5.4 uworld.eu.undernet.org#

Service tool to assist Server Operators with useful functions to assist with network management and enforcement of the Undernet AUP.