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6. Network Committees (NCs)#

In addition to the AB, there are multiple distinct committees that help support network operation. Unless otherwise stated these committees each have a single leader (the Committee Coordinator) who is responsible for appointing appropriate team members and making policy changes to meet the goals of the committee whilst remaining pursuant to the Undernet Charter.

Committee Coordinators are defined in Section #2.7.

If a CC wishes to enact committee-specific changes that may influence other committees or significantly change network fundamentals for all users, this should be discussed among other AB members. Motions for change within a committee may be made via e-mail to the Undernet Admins mailing list and follow policy defined in Section #4. Approved changes will be documented by the AS in committees.md

CCs are responsible for defining the structure and responsibility of their committees within 6 months of being added to the Undernet Charter. These definitions (and changes to them) must be approved by the AB via simple majority CFV.

Should a change have been made and another AB member wishes to discuss or motion for a reversal, this can be discussed with other members and brought to a CFV if required.

Network Committees and specific policies relating to each are documented externally in committees.md

The AS is responsible for maintaining the list of current CCs which shall be published to all AB members and Server Operators via https://db.undernet.org/ and in teams.md

6.1 Abuse Committee#

The Abuse Committee handles complaints relating to Server Operator (SO) abuse and G-Lines, and manages connection limit exceptions.

6.2 Channel Service Committee (CSC)#

The Channel Service Committee provides management of and support for registered channels and user identities.

6.3 Coder Committee#

The Coder Committee (Coder-Com) develops and maintains the software used by Undernet, including IRC server software, IRC services, and other supporting applications.

6.4 User Committee#

The User Committee (User-Com) acts as the sounding board for thoughts and proposals from Undernet users, provides user documentation, runs network promotions and events, and updates the https://www.undernet.org/ website.

6.5 Oper Training Committee (OTC)#

The Oper Training Committee (OTC) provides a structure and processes to ensure that new Server Operators and Server Admins are well informed on the collective policies, guidelines, and morals of the network.

6.6 Routing Committee#

The Routing Committee (Routing-Com) reviews current IRC servers and evaluates new applications for client (leaf) and hub servers with the goal to link and retain only the most qualified servers in order to keep the network as robust and lag-free as possible.